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Amusing concept. I quite like how random objects get generated from the hat! haha. It adds a lot. I found myself really wanting the ability to put objects back into the hat; I imagine this is something you tried though.

I never actually really tried messing around with being able to put objects back into the hat, not because I never thought of it but because a fundamental part of the design for me was always the permanence of object creation and having to deal with the mess you made. Having that ability would trivialize a few situations in the game, but that's not to say a different experience couldn't be made with it.

Wow, really enjoyed this one!

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the game feel in this is so satisfying and hilarious, especially pushing against a wall. the intro scene made me laugh as well, lovely!

oh wow 4 puzzles in and these are so elegant...

edit: 10 days later, finished it, one of my favourite puzzle games ever


I like the tagline of this game.


Looks simple but actually very tricky, impressive!