XNT Films is proud to release our sixth relationship and married life advice DVD: Adding Some Spice to Your Marriage! In these lessons, we'll introduce you to brand new ways to rekindle that spark in your bedroom. With XNT, you'll rediscover the love of your life again and again!™


Due to unforeseen circumstances, we were unable to include any actual video in this DVD. Near the end of filming, the actors completed some sort of Satanic ritual and they and our cameras fell into a giant hellmouth while the studio exploded? That is definitely 100% something that happened in real life and not a thing we just made up to cover for the fact that we wasted all the budget on a trip to Cancún.

We would have waited until we could reshoot the video before releasing this, but our contract with our publisher required us to get this product out this month. So, until we can book another studio and rent new equipment, we've put together some placeholder art that should hopefully be evocative enough to get the points across.

We plan to release the "full" version of Adding Some Spice to Your Marriage soon, and if you purchase this preview version, we'll send you a copy of the "full" version when it's released, free of charge!


  • Arrow keys: move
  • Z: select
  • X: cancel

If you played this game before the "SET UP" menu did anything, it now has an option to select how many mistakes you can make during a level before it fails you. You may find this handy!

(Bad) Source code is over here: https://bitbucket.org/CHz16/spice. Full attribution for the photos and clip art used in the game can be found there too.

GenreAction, Rhythm
Made withAudacity
Tags2D, Abstract, Non violent, Short, Singleplayer
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSource code


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That's what I hear! I just did some initial work on a more traditional scrolling chart in the practice screen to hopefully make it easier to tell what you have to push and when, and I want to do more (a better indicator of when/how you get things wrong or right, maybe some beat notches along the track). Maybe level data changes after that, Spinning Swing in particular is probably too hard for its current spot.

In case you still care, just wanted to let you know that I just put out the last planned set of "playability" updates, so now on both the practice and execution screens there's a scrolling chart with much better feedback of what you get wrong & right, and there's also a health bar that you can configure to give yourself up to five mistakes per level before it fails you.

I never, ever say this but.... I think I might need a controller