Short wandering simulator made for GAMES DONE QUICK???. Not actually a horror game. Goes a bit overboard with flashing colors so probably avoid this if you have a photosensitivity condition.

The audio will only work properly in Firefox or Chrome so please play in one of those browsers.

Arrow keys/WASD/IJKL to move, Z/X/space to select. If you get stuck, hit escape to return to the title screen.

The extremely bad source code is over here: Don't actually click that.


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Oh, wild. The effects are perfect.

I'm glad I tried wandering away from the radio, touching something, and then coming back to it. Really interesting idea. Well done!


Forcing you to drop the radio to look at things was kind of a blunt nudge into trying that that I'm not super happy with, so I'm glad someone tried it!

It worked perfectly. The "annoyance" of having to drop the radio naturally pushes the player into exploring without it... and the consequences thereof.

I tried and managed to get a few different endings! I think I have some idea of how they work, too...


I'm glad it was mentioned here, because even after leaving the radio behind, I didn't think to seriously try using the UI without it :)