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⚠️ALERT⚠️ Currently level 4, Electronic Override, isn't completable because circuit blocks don't actually do anything. Once they function, though, it should work as constructed! You can try solving it by hand if you like.

This is a small pack of six thinky levels for Lexy's Labyrinth, a free web version of Chip's Challenge 2 by eevee. I haven't tested them in the original CC2, but even if they work there, I'd recommend you play them in LL anyway because it has undo. To play them, download the ZIP archive below, head on over to the game, and either drag the file onto your browser window or hit the "load files" button.

By "thinky," I mean that these levels (1) have no reflex challenges or otherwise timed movements as part of their intended solutions, and (2) have no traps or other forced decision points where you need to choose between a correct and incorrect move with incomplete information.

Familiarity with Chip's Challenge 2 is expected. If you've never played it before, you might want to try out eevee's set of tutorial levels, "Lexy's Lessons," first. If you're stuck, here's a ROT-13 spoilered list of some uncommon mechanics used in the levels that you might be unaware of:

  1. Gatehouse Road: guvf vf whfg n fgenvtugsbejneq yriry jvgubhg nal hahfhny vagrenpgvbaf.
  2. Security Checkpoint: chfuvat na vpr oybpx bagb qveg jvyy erzbir gur qveg.
  3. Mail Sorter: guvf yriry qbrfa'g erdhver nal hahfhny zrpunavpf, gubhtu vg qbrf erdhver cerggl tbbq snzvyvnevgl jvgu zbafgre zbirzrag orunivbe.
  4. Electronic Override: This level includes circuit blocks, which are a new element exclusive to Lexy's Labyrinth. Their effect is to npg nf n zbinoyr jver gvyr, rssrpgviryl nggnpuvat gb be bireevqvat rkvfgvat jvevat.
  5. Gait Analyzer: vs gjb guvatf zbir bagb oyhr ohggbaf ng gur rknpg fnzr gvzr, gurve rssrpgf jvyy pnapry bhg.
  6. Containment Breach: (1) Vs lbh fgrc vagb n lryybj gryrcbeg naq ner hanoyr gb rkvg va gur pbeerfcbaqvat qverpgvba sebz nal bgure lryybj gryrcbeg, lbh'yy vafgrnq cvpx vg hc naq or noyr gb cynpr vg fbzrjurer ryfr. (2) Oybpxf pna'g or chfurq bagb n guvrs gvyr.

This page's background image is "Always Grey" by Stefan Aleksić from Toptal Subtle Patterns.

CategoryGame mod
Tags2D, Short, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout an hour


Corporate Espionage 4 kB
Version 1.0.2 Jan 12, 2021

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