Gift Grid, made for The Confounding Calendar. This puzzle has a single solution intended to be found through logic alone, without guessing.

Controls: mouse + left click. Right click optional.

The downloadable Windows and Linux versions are completely untested, so apologies in advance if they don't actually work.

The Godot project is available for perusal on Bitbucket, although as with everything I make, the only thing you'll find looking through my code is suffering:

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tags2D, Christmas, Mouse only, Pixel Art, Short
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LinksSource code


Gift Grid 14 MB
Gift Grid Mac.dmg 30 MB
Gift Grid 13 MB


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this is what the rules mean (rot13)

ehyr 1---rirel frpgvba unf gb unir gur ahzoref pbeerfcbaqvat nzbhag bs terlf naq vs gurer vf ab ahzore chg NG YRNFG bar terl fdhner

ehyr 2---rirel terl frpgvba unf gb or n erpgnatyr be n fdhner (3 ol 2 & 1 ol 1) 

ehyr 3---rirel lryybj fdhner unf gb or pbaarpgrq gb rirel bgure lryybj fdhner

nvm, i understand now

how does the second rule work?

Okay, that was incredible. Great original ruleset (nice mix of inspirations drawn from there), excellent presentation (especially the wordless rule explanation - I didn't have any of the issues other commentators had), and my WORD that was a challenge! I had to come up with some interesting realizations to crack into this at all (though once I got about ten cells deduced, the solve rate started to increase exponentially). Very well done!


I am for sure confounded, just spent at least an hour trying to solve, after having gotten all the rules (I think...).  Am I missing something obvious or is it a lot of trial and error?  I swear I'm not obsessed with solving this lol (I am)

It's a challenging puzzle, especially at the start! There's a path through it without using trial and error, but it's very disguised at times, and my threshold for what counts as trial and error might be higher than yours. There are several intended steps where you're expected to find that a move will result in a contradiction after one or two more forced steps, but it shouldn't require any deeper lookahead than that.


omg finally solved it. took me too long to find the deterministic method for that (and to understand the nuances of the board)


I'm not sure I understand the second rule.  I appreciate the rules being given without words, but it' it saying that gray squares must appear in rectangles?  Or something else?


And does that rule apply across zones? Then I keep getting stuck. But if it's only within zones, then I break rule 3. Or, it seems, it means something else


There's an undocumented feature where you can click a rule and it'll check only that one, so you might be able to experiment with that and figure out the rule. ROT-13 spoiler: gur ehyr qbrf abg gnxr mbar obhaqnevrf vagb pbafvqrengvba ng nyy

(1 edit) (+1)

There's an undocumented feature where you can click a rule and it'll check only that one, so you might be able to experiment with that and figure out the rule for sure if you haven't already. ROT-13 spoiler: lbh ner pbeerpg, tebhcf bs pbaarpgrq tenl fdhnerf zhfg or erpgnathyne


OK, with that clear, I can in fact solve it. Very nice!


This little confusing game should not be making my CPU run like crazy.  Something fishy about that.  

Very fishy I agree, sorry about your computer! I have no idea what the problem could be because it shouldn't idly be doing anything besides scroll the background, but this is my first time ever using this engine (Godot) so it's quite possible I've messed something up. Maybe the desktop version will be easier on your CPU?