NOTE: sometimes the music engine randomly crashes on the web build in Safari and either goes completely silent or just keeps repeating the same note forever. I've never heard it happen in Firefox or Chrome, but it also just happens by total random chance so I can't say for sure it won't ever happen. If it happens to you, try downloading the ROM and loading it into an emulator of your choice? Sorry!

A haunted Game Boy cartridge made for GAMES MADE QUICK??? III-2. Please note that there is no actual "video game content" in this, Sokoban or otherwise; I just felt like making a fake game menu. If you reach a black screen, you've reached an "ending" (the game will reset on its own after a bit, you don't need to refresh the page or restart your emulator).

Web controls: arrow keys or [WASD] to move through menus, [Z] or [option/alt] or [J] to select, [X] or [control] or [K] to go back

Game Boy controls: D-pad to move through menus, A to select, B to go back

I made this with GB Studio, and the project files can be found over here:


Game Boy ROM 1 MB
Version 1.0.1 Jul 01, 2019


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Glad you noticed!

Stylish! Great name, too. Are there multiple endings?

Two of them, though both are broadly similar in that you end up in the same place with a black screen and some dialogue