◀︎▶︎ (To hear them talk)

Default controls: arrow keys to move/menu, [Z] to select/interact, [X] to cancel

Hit [escape] in-game to return to the menu. If for some reason you mess up your controls, you can hit [escape] on any menu to go to the controls screen and [escape] there to reset them.

Story note: the character you control in the game is intended to be the person in the wheelchair seen in the rooms; I just wasn't able to put together art for that that I felt was satisfactory, so I punted at the end and made you the symbol instead.

In-game text: "On a Tree Fallen Across the Road (To hear us talk)" by Robert Frost

Sound (all from Freesound): aharri6, artemis_ch, InspectorJ, joedeshon, metamorphmuses, Mxsmanic, & Timbre

(Terrible) source code and full attribution for the above assets can be found on Bitbucket: https://bitbucket.org/CHz16/to-hear-them-talk

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